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XGallery FAQ

About XGallery F.A.Q.

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions I've compiled over the years. Use this page for common question about XGallery and if you don't see your question answered here, feel free to contact me and I will try to answer your questions.

What does a collection mean and how is that different from categories?

A collection is a folder that contains a collection of images. Categories do not rely on folders.


Is Shadowbox Media Viewer the only plug-in I can use for lightbox effect?

No, any lightbox/shadowbox plug-in that recognizes the rel attribute lightbox or shadowbox will work.


When viewing images using Shadowbox, the large images are opened in a new window.

Make sure the Shadowbox plug-in you are using is the latest version of Shadowbox. At the time of this post, the latest version was 3.0.3. Also jQuery is needed for Shadowbox to work.


Where are the thumbnails stored for this gallery?

Images are generated on the fly so only the large images are stored.


It takes a long time for my images to load.

There are a number of things that can cause this. Slow server performance during high traffic and network congestion are usually the problem. Another reason is if you copied your images over from a digital camera and didn't make them web ready first. Most digital images are over 3MB. If you are uploading your images in the admin section, turn on Enable Image Resizing and choose a quality percentage and the max width/height you want your images to be saved as before you upload images to your gallery.


The quality of my images is really bad after I upload them.

If you already have web reading images, turn off Enable Image Resizing under General Settings or Filter Images under Collection Settings in Parameters.


What does the quicktake section do in the collection creation menu?

The quicktake is used when you set categories to list View.


When I enable Gallerivic View, I get a blank page.

Make sure you have jquery on your website. Add the following line to your template somewhere before your JavaScript, maybe after TITLE tag in HEAD...


I get the following error message... Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_imagetype()...

This issue is related to PHP. Either exif is disabled or not installed. If you are hosting your website with a hosting company, ask if exif is enabled for your website. If you are hosting your website on your local computer and you are using XAMPP, make sure you have the latest version installed. Exif is used to get information about an image, like type, width, height, etc. It is needed to use this gallery.


How do I embed a collection into an article or on my VirtueMart product page.

Create a new XGallery Collection module and instead of choosing a position from the select box, type in a unique name that's different from the names currently in the select box. Once this module instanceh has been saved, go to your article or products page and add this code to your article... loadposition posname wrapped in curly braces {} where posname is the name of the position you assigned to the module.


Images are saved as img.php when saving in Chrome.

Choose Save As then change Save as type to all files and name it imagename.jpg. It will save as a jpg, with the watermark if watermark is enabled..


What is the difference between Path to Image Folder under Paramaters and Collection Folder when editing a collection?

The Path to Image Folder is the location of your gallery. Collection Folder is the folder that contains the images for a particular collection. If your Path to Image Folder is set to /path/to/gallery, the collection folder would be a folder inside the folder gallery.


Images are pixelated when I view them on the frontend.

Try deleting your xgallery_cookie cookie and refresh the page.