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This video takes place in different parts of the new Legion Expansion areas during the course of leveling to 110. In this video, you will see 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2 and groups. Video captured in 1080P at max settings and scaled to 4K. My thoughts after leveling... I think Blizzard did a good job and changing how we progress through the game and bring it back to the 60 days where there were more encounters with the opposite faction. And I'm liking the new Enhancement Shaman play style. The effects are cool, though it would be nice if Blizzard brought back the old Windfury effect. I barely notice it now...
Songs are taken from Beatport and include the following...
Be There 4 U - Ferry Tayle Remix
Conspiracy - Original Mix
Diamondback - Adam Ellis Remix
Brave - F G Noise Remix 
For entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!!! :-)
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