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This is Eps 2 of my PvP Montage Rogue series. This will be the last video of my Rogue, for a while, as I switch back to my main, Enhancement Shaman, and see what's new for that class. In this video you will see clips from Ashran, Battlegrounds and World PvP. Video was captured in 1080P and upscaled to 4k (Youtube). I ran out of clips after the Pre Legion Patch came out, so the ending song contains clips of Pre Legion patch. I think Subtlety Rogue will be an interesting character to play in the upcoming expansion. Songs include the following...

Beautiful Aly - Fila Remix
Maverick - Origin Mix
Farewell To the Moon - En Motion Remix
Million Voices - Extended Mix

This video is for Entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!
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