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This is my second World Defense PvP video where I am responding to the World Defense channel. Players seem to responding to this channel more this time around, which is good. :-) In this video you will see 1vs1, 1vs1+ and join ins. This video was captured in 1080P and scaled to 4K (YouTube). This video is more on the laid back side with a mix of fast and chill music. Songs include the following...

Anti Social Media - Coming Soon & Bryan Kearney
Strange World - Push
Shattered Dreams - Flashtech
The Light - A.R.D.I & Leolani
Move On - Saad Ayub Feat. Jennifer Rene

About the UI
I don't use macros. Spells are arranged from left to right with offensive spells mainly on the left and defensive spell mainly on the right respectively.

For entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!
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