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This is my second PvP video using my Rogue. Play style is somewhat different this time around and I'm still trying out new things to see what works best with my play style. This is all World PvP with a mix of random encounters and me responding to World Defense channel. You will see 1vs1, 2vs1 (pug), 1vs2 and group fighting. I haven't reached the ability to take out 2 GEARED targets at once and showing 1vs2 with under geared targets seems like a waste to put in a video (plus I forgot to hit the record button for those). But once I reach that level and have all my gear for the next video, I'll have more, maybe. :-) If you've seen any of my other videos you will know this is clip after clip of PvP so there are no sideshows or intros, midtros and outros. Video was captured in 1080P at maxed setting, on Youtube HD, and 780P on Warcraft Movies. Songs were taken from Markus Schultz Global DJ Broadcast and include the following songs...

Long Way Home

Enjoy and please rate. For entertainment purposes only.