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Okay, this is my first try at making a Rogue movie. I decided I would gear up my Rogue first this season to the latest Prideful gear. This has given me a chance to really play this class so I can understand how Rogues are played. I'm still learning the mechanics but it's a pretty interesting class to play. These are some clips I've put together. They are mostly battlegrounds with a couple world pvp mixed in. The fights are decent. You will see 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2 and group pvp. You will NOT see epic game play. Hopefully in the next video I will have better clips captured and more world pvp as I gear up to handle more difficult fights. These are strictly pvp clips from start to finish, so no side shows or introductions. Video is captured in 1080P (on Youtube HD) at max settings. Songs are taken from Markus Schultz Global DJ Broadcast and include the following...

Player One
Napalm Poet
Reach the Sun

This video is for entertainment purposes only so please view it as so. Please rate and enjoy. :-)