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These are some clips I captured over my 2 week Xmas vacation while responding to WorldDefense messages. In this video you will 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, pug fighting, guild group fighting and city fights. This video was captured in 1080P with setting at max. I use Windfury/Frostbrand combination and after the second clip I swap out my Alchemist Trinket for Dreadful Gladiator's Badge of Conquest trinket to test out it's capabilities as suggested by a guild mate. I decided to go with the following talents...

Astral Shift
Frozen Power
Totemic Projection
Echo of the Elements
Unleashed Fury

Glyph of Hex
Glyph of Purge
Glyph of Shamanistic Rage

Music was taken from the Cream Trance Anthems - Ibiza 2009 CD set and includes the following songs:

Lack of a Better Name
Born Slippy
I Am What I Am

This video is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy and please rate and share. :-)