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These are some clips I captured during the couple weeks before Mists of Pandaria goes live. Video was captured in 1080P with max settings. This movie is a mix of Battlegrounds and World PvP and you will see group fighting, 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 1. There are a lot of mistakes made while relearning how to play my character with these new options. The clips arn't in any particular order, for example, the duel with the Pally was the first day out using my new spells in PvP. I use Windfury on my MH and Frostbrand on the OH.  I decided to go with the following talents.

Astral Shift
Frozen Power
Call of the Elements
Echo of the Elements
Ancestral Guidance

Glyph of Hex
Glyph of Purge
Glyph of Shamanistic Rage

Music was taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast and include the following songs:

Afraid of the Dark (Melodic Mix)
Sunset Over Simplicity
Never Coming Down (JPL Remix)
The Broken Love (Invisible Brothers Remix)
Te Quiero

This video is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy and please rate and share. :-)