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This movie if for entertainment purposes only. Please view it as such. I hope you will find this movie entertaining. Please share.

Constructive criticism please. If you post a comment about something that was in the description and it seems obvious you didn't read it, I will bring it to your attention in a not so thoughtful way. If you post a couple words expecting me to turn it into a sentence, I will assume you are an idiot and treat you as such. However if you explain your meaning with examples, then it will be nice to read, because can always use helpful tips to improve my game play. :-)

This video is ONE fight in Nagrand Arena that lasted the full 45 minutes and reduced to under 17 minutes. If you don't like long fights with the same set of players and same scenery, this is probably not the movie for you. Also ratings were around 1500 so if you don't like low rated fight, you probably shouldn't watch this either. In this fight me and a Holly Pally go up against an Enhancement Shaman and Restoration Druid. Despite the fact that the fight lasted 45 minutes, first time for me, it was still pretty fun. I read on the forum a lot of people say the fights should be reduced to 20 minutes. To me that's to short and makes it even easier to run out the clock. At 45 minutes people start to loose focus, get tired, wish the match would end and so make mistakes and loose. Any possible tactics you could think of trying probably was already tried in the video but didn't make it into the final cut. People that complain about backpedaling probably should not watch this video. One because you probably weren't paying much attention and so probably wouldn't understand why it occurred and two, because I find the whole concept of backpedaling being off limits pretty short sighted and moronic. To dismiss one possible direction you could move in if it would help you just doesn't sound to bright.

About the fight
This video contains probably about 75% clips of me fighting the Shaman. I didn't think showing a bunch of clips of me chasing the druid around the field very interesting and since the Druid was a pretty good healer her health rarely dropped. In the ending credit I list character stats like item level and resilience and you can see game stats at the closing of the match. Vent/Skype was also not used.

About my play style
Like in all my other videos I focus more on melee damage so mastery is low and exp, hit and agility are high. The other Enhancement Shaman was almost the opposite. On my main hand I use Windfury Weapon and offhand Frostbrand. Why Frostbrand? It procs every few seconds and give my target a 50% speed decrease for 5 to 10 seconds, which makes my opponent seem like he's walking most of the time no matter which direction he goes in.

About the video
This video was shot in 1080P with settings set to Ultra. Spell effects will at time block out the fight, but the fight is still going on so don't worry. :-)

About the music
This music was taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast that you can download each week. Songs include the following...

- Tears of Joy
- Here and Now
- In Dreams with Betty
- Phoenix From The Flames