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This is the final part of my 3 part series Vicious to Ruthless. In this video I only included about 4 to 5 minutes of Arena as I transition over to World PvP. The Arena part shows two 2vs2 fights and two 3vs3 fights. Vent/Skype was not used for the 2vs2, but was used for the 3vs3 so you should see a difference in coordination. Since I joined a new guild that wants to take Ratings seriously for season 11, my next videos may have arena but I'm still debating. The remaining 10 minutes I show some Battlegrounds and then switch to World PvP. You will see some 1vs1 and 1vs2 fights with decent opponents. I decided to finish this movie before getting my last ring and trinket because Season 11 will be starting next week.

About the video
This video was shot in 1080P with settings set to Ultra. You will see some pretty cool scenes, like when I was fighting on top of the water in TBP. There is a lot of crowd control spells going off as well as spells from NPCs so it can look chaotic at times. Hopefully Youtube is kind to the quality.

About my fighting style
I focus mostly on melee damage so mastery is low and exp, hit and agility are high. This means you will see more weapon damage then spell damage. On my main hand I use Windfury Weapon and offhand Frostbrand. Why Frostbrand? It procs every few seconds and give my target a 50% speed decrease for 5 to 10 seconds. This helps increase melee damage and also allows me to use Strength totem more often. Since I'm an offensive player, I don't use very many defensive totems. There is a scene where I kite a DK at the last minute to test out my kiting skills so you shouldn't fly off the handle if you see the spell damage is low... I'm thinking to off-spec elemental just for kicks and at that moment wanted to see what it might be like. :-)

About the music
This music was taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast that you can download each week. Songs include the following...

- Sundown
- Where Night Turns To Day
- Torque
- Dark Conscience
- You Take Forever To Say Nothing

This movie if for entertainment purposes only. Please view it as such. I hope you will find this movie entertaining. Please share.

Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/kayumi/advanced