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This video is part two of my Vicious to Ruthless quest to upgrade my gear. This video is broken down into two parts, an Arena first half and World PvP second half. These fights take place during the 4.2.2 patch. The fights are for the most part matched evenly and the crits are decent. Expect to see slightly higher crits in the World PvP half as not everybody is wearing PvP gear. In the Arena half of this video you will see 2 vs 2 fights followed by a couple of 3 vs 3 fights. In the 2 vs 2 fights Vent/Skype was not used so all fights were pre planned and we just went with it. Expect mistakes and things like that. In 3 vs 3 we used Vent which made communication a lot easier. Also note, I don't take Arena that seriously so in almost all cases I will not be as concerned about MMR rating as you.

About my setup
I focus mostly on melee damage so mastery is low and exp, hit and agility are high. This means you will see more weapon damage then spell damage. On my main hand I use Windfury Weapon and offhand Frostbrand. Why Frostbrand? It procs every few seconds and give my target a 50% speed decrease for 5 to 10 seconds. This helps increase melee damage and also allows me to use Strength totem more often. Since I'm an offensive player, I don't use very many defensive totems.

About the movie
This movie was shot in 1080P and uploaded with an 8mb data rate. Hopefully YouTube is kind to the quality. Setting were set to Ultra and anything else I could increase to improve quality of the game play. So in certain instances it might be difficult to see anything, at least for me, from all the Crowd Control (CC) spells.

About the music
This music was taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast that you can download each week. Songs include the following...

- A Million Stars
- Tears From The Moon
- Shades Of Blue
- Always A Fool