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This video is part one in my quest to upgrade my gear from Vicious to Ruthless. This video is broken down into to parts, Arena and World PvP (couple of regular bgs mixed in). If you are only interested in seeing World PvP, you can skip to a few seconds over 10 minutes and start viewing there. :)

These fights took place during the 4.2.0 patch and things to expect are decent crits, decent fights, 2vs2, 3vs3, perfect game play and random fights and refights . What not to expect are Epic Fights, 2200 fights, me knowing what I'm doing 100% of the time and special effects. What do I mean by special effects? Effects like zooming in and out on crits, slowing down game play to see a killing moment, zooming in on myself and blocking everything else out and removing the hit points from mine or my targets character info bar. These things are annoying to me when I watch other videos and usually makes me turn them off. So I try not to do them in my videos. If that's your sort of thing, there thousands of other movies to choose from. :) Most of the fights are serious except one I threw in for all the hardcore gamers out there that take WoW way to serious.

About my setup
I focus mostly on melee damage so mastery is low and exp, hit and agility are high. This means you will see more weapon damage then spell damage. My main had uses WF and off hand Frostbrand. Why Frostbrand? It procs every few seconds and give my target a 50% speed decrease for 5 to 10 seconds. This helps increase melee damage and also allows me to use Strength totem more often. Since I'm an offensive player, it rare that I will use any defensive totems to help keep me alive.

About the movie
This movie was shot in 1080P and uploaded with an 8mb data rate. Hopefully YouTube is kind to the quality. Setting were set to Ultra and anything else I could increase to improve quality of the game play. So in certain instances it might be difficult to see anything, at least for me, from all the Crowd Control (CC) spells. So don't fly off the handle if you can't see anything.

About the music
This music was taken from Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast that you can download each week. Songs include the following...

- Pune
- Lost
- Cape Town
- Check It Out
- Cryptanalysis

This movies is for entertainment purposes only.