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For those of you that don't like to read, here is a rundown of what to expect...

What you will see
- Rated Battlegounds, 2 vs 2 Arenas, 1 ganking scene, Battlegrounds
- Season 9 gear
- Decent fights
- Decent crits
- Enhancement Dual Wheeled spec
- Windfury/Frostbrand
- Simi Mellow House soundtrack
- Mistakes
- Graphic Settings set to Ultra

What you won't see
- Epic 2200 fights
- Insane crits
- Perfect fights

Long Version
I learned last week that Season 10 was coming out in a couple weeks and so I wanted to get out a video before that happens and I have to upgrade my gear again. This is the first season doing arenas in any serious way and so yes that means this is the first video where I'm using current Gladiator gear.

The clips in this video was taken from a couple days of game play, where one day last week I did Rated Battlegrounds and this past Saturday I did Arena to help out fellow guild mates so you shouldn't expect spectacular clips. In this video you will see a Rated Battleground with guild BANÉ followed by Arena where I team up with a Mage and a Rogue. Ending credits features regular Battlegrounds where I played with 3D enabled. Fraps didn't capture the 3D effect, I'll probably do that in another video, but you can get an idea what it would be like if you was playing in 3D. I have to say it's pretty sick...

You will see decent crits but not the level you would see from an elemental. But you should also pay attention normal melee damage because it adds up. I'm wearing pretty much all Vicious with the exception of my off hand weapon and Alchemist Trinket.

The music is a collection of soundtracks from Markus Schultz Glabal DJ Broadcast  that you can find on the net and include the following songs...

Global DJ Broadcast

Don't Speak - Francisco Sabero
So Caught Up - Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy
Emotions Flash - Majai
Lockdown - Tucandeo
Chasing Clouds - Vadim Soloviev feat. Susie Ledge

Q. Why don't you make an Elemental movie?
A. 75% of Shaman movies are Elemental. If I wanted to be a caster I'd go back to being a mage. Mages are a lot more fun to play.

Q. Why don't you use a 2H weapon?
A. I use Frostband on my OH to slow down my target and WF on my main hand. If I had a 2H'r I couldn't do that and I'd have to rely on Frostshock or Earthbind to slow them down. This setup gives me more options. Also I like seeing billions of numbers flying of my target which makes the fight more exciting (to me). A 2H will not produce those flurry of numbers and isn't as exciting to see. Finally, being able to kill someone with 3 hits takes no skill at all and is boring. Dual Wheeled means I have to stay in the fight longer and put more thought into it.

Q. House music doesn't match the game play. Why do you use it?
A. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. If New Age and Rock is your thing, there are millions of videos on the site for you to choose from. Even though I like New Age and Rock too, I don't see much House music in the videos I like to watch. So this is my contribution...