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This video was shot in Tol Barad and includes a mix of people wearing PvP and PvE gear. Average gear rating was around but mostly above my gear rating.

About the video: Video was shot with max settings using Fraps and modified with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop with basic effects.

About the fights: I use dual wield with Windfury and Frostbrand on my OH. I chose Frostbrand on my OH, because of it's 8 sec 50% movement decrease. Because of this I don't need to rely so much on Earthbind or Frostshock to keep people close. This helps me because I focused more on Hit and Expertise rating and less on mastery. My goal is a sustained amount of damage rather then relying on epic crits. The fights are mostly 1 vs 1 with some group fighting with random groups and Guild players. There are a lot of mistakes from both me and the other players, so you are not going to see Epic fights. You will mostly see rare instances where I wasn't ganged by a mob of players and faced off in 1 vs 1.

About the Music: The music was taking from different tracks from Markus Schultz Global DJ Digital Broadcast and mixed by me. The music starts off slow in the first song and speeds up after. I'm not a DJ so the mixing is average.

- Gold Shower - Feat. Alexandra Badoi
- Miami Time
- The Second Life
- Beyond The Shadows
- In A Movment

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