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This is an 80 to 85 World PvP video taken starting from the second day out. I kept most of my level 80 PvP gear and didn't start to upgrade until 83. The first 6 minutes are different clips of almost each level and the remaining video are clips I took as I upgraded my gear at lvl 85.

Most of the fights are single fights with one 1 vs 2 (Shaman and lvl 84 Warrior). In half the fights I use my wolves and the other half I didn't. There are only 2 scenes where I fight cloth wearers so most of the fights will be with armored foes. After reaching 85 I focused my points on Expertise and Hit rating so my crits are not going to be that high, even in the last 4 fights when I had pretty much all of my gear.

About the music. The music was taken from Tatu's The Best cd and Markus Shultz weekly Global DJ Broadcast and include the following...

Not gonna get us - album version

Julian Vincent feat. Jessie Morgan
Shadows The Sun - Nifra Remix

Markus Schulz
Let Go - Who. Is Remix
The Fourth Floor

Note: This video was created to entertain, not to teach, so please view it as such.

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