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"Traveling" (stylized as traveling) is the 9th Japanese-language single (11th overall) by Hikaru Utada and 2nd single on the Deep River album. It was released on November 28, 2001. It hit #1 on the Oricon chart, selling 277,100 in its first week. It has sold 856,000 copies. "Traveling" was released in two versions: CD and DVD. It was used as the DoCoMo FOMA CM song. The PV for traveling was directed by Utada's ex-husband, Kazuaki Kiriya (who also shot the photography and helped with the art direction), and is the second of the famous Kiriya Trilogy of Utada promotional videos. This is the second of Utada's singles to have a DVD Single. The single charted for 21 weeks. This single became her fourth single to chart two weeks at #1 on the Oricon Singles charts. The single charted for 21 weeks. This single became the #2 single of 2002 in Japan. An interesting fact about Traveling is that Utada never performed it live on TV (except for in the SMAP x SMAP medley) for unknown reasons. The pronunciation guide on the single gives 'Traveling' as 'Toraveringu (トラヴェリング)', and will be pronounced this way by the average Japanese speaker. Noriyuki Makihara covered Traveling on his Listen to the Music 2 album. The most recent figures (May 26, 2006) show that the singe sold 856,140 units in total.

On the yearly charts, "Traveling" was second only to Ayumi Hamasaki's "H" who sold more than 1,000,000 copies.

Traveling's PV was the second part of the Kiriya trilogy of PVs. The PV featured elaborate costume design, a cohesive setting, and extensive lighting and computer effects.

Traveling's PV topped spaceshower for six weeks total, tying it with Sakura Drops as her PV to top spaceshower TV for the longest.

The song was performed during Utada's two date concert series Wild Life in December 2010.

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