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XMovie 2.5 Update (2.2)

XMovie 2.2 update for Joomla 2.5 is now out and includes the following fixes.

  • Fixed ACL and Access rights
  • Fixed issue with images not showing when using PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed category sorting on Name error.
  • Minor bug fixes

XMovie 2.x to 2.2 upgrade instructions

This is special instructions for updating to XMovie 2.2 in order to fix access permissions in the Admin section and configuration options.

  • Take note of your current configuration settings. Either open configuration in a separate window or write it down.
  • Install XMovie 2.2.
  • Review and save your configuration
  • Assign your collections to a non Super User, preferable someone in the Administrator group, using batch processing.

Now non Super Users should be able to create collections if they have access.