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XGallery Installation

Date Added: 01-20-2014
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Submitter: eyenet

This is a quick tutorial to help you get a default XGallery Installation installed on your Website.

  • After installation, go to XGallery and click on Options to bring up configuration screen.
  • Under General Settings, set your Thumbnail Folder and Collection folder.
  • Decide if you are going to load the default CSS and jQuery
  • Under Upload settings, set File Size Limit
  • Save & Close configuration then click Manage Categories tab and create your categories.
  • Click Manage Collections and create your collections. You will not be able to upload images until you save the Collection the first time.
  • Go to Menus and add the Main Landing Page. This will be the root for your gallery.
  • Add Single Category menu items as children for Main Landing Page.
This is the basic setup for XGallery. From here you can customize how you would like your gallery to look as well as which options to display.