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If you find any bugs please post on the Xoops forums or send a comment from my website.


Gallery module allows your to upload images directly or in sub folders to your website and generate the thumbnails for these images in the administration section. It's not necessary for you to resize the images but you should use a batch conversion program such as FastStone Image Viewer (free from download.com) to compress the images for the web. Know one is going to sit and wait for a 1 megabyte image that you shot on your digital camera.

About lightbox effects

There are three different lightbox effects (Lightbox 2, Shadowbox, Weebox) that you can choose from. Currently only Shadowbox will resize images to fit the viewing screen. This may be a problem for users that have large images on their website and their audience's screen have smaller screen size. It is recommend you use the Shadowbox effect if you have different size images. If lightbox 2 and Weebox, or some other effect decide to use jquery I will update the two effects to take advantage of those effects.

Download History:
Version 1.1
  • Added recent images block
  • Added random images block
  • Added most viewed images block
  • Modified update images to exit when max execution time reached
  • Added imgprocesstool.php to process images from command line
  • Added ability to add banners to image collections or categories. Banners on categories will apply to sub image collections.

Note: Xoops may not create the banners table. You can do this manually by modifying your database and creating the tables from the sql file.

Version 2.1
  • Fixed Recent Collections and Most Viewed Collections
  • Fixed misc warnings and notices.
  • Added support for jquery 1.4
  • Fixed permissions while viewing all collections
  • Added random image block

Note: Gallery 2 development has been halted as I knowlonger have time to maintain this module. I have left this module available for download for anybody that still wishes to use this module.