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XMovie Movie 1.0 Released

Date: 05 Mar
Hits: 3704

XMovie Movie is a module for XMovie that allows you to display a movie anywhere you can display modules.

Features of XMovie Movie include:

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XMovie 1.2 Update

Date: 15 Jan
Author: Optikool
Hits: 3679
XMovie has been updated to 1.2 and includes the following fixes...
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XMovie 1.1 Critical Udpate

Date: 01 Jan
Author: Optikool
Hits: 5793

XMovie 1.1 is now out and includes the following updates...

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XMovie Released

Date: 17 Dec
Author: Optikool
Hits: 3007
My latest component XMovie version 1.0 has now been realeased. You can visit the download section to find out more about this component, the demo section and also the Documentation section.
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