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XGallery 2.5 Update

Date: 16 Mar
Author: Optikool
Hits: 2580

XGallery 2.2 update for Joomla 2.5 is now out and includes the following fixes.

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XGallery for Joomla 3.2 Progress

Date: 11 Mar
Author: Optikool
Hits: 2690

I've had a lot of time to work on XGallery for Joomla 3.2 since I was laid off at Apple about a month ago. I have to say Joomla 3 is going to be really cool when it finally comes out for production. But I hope they will update bootstrap to version 3 when it does.

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XGallery 2.5 progress update

Date: 21 May
Author: Optikool
Hits: 2661

The XGallery component is coming along well. The only thing left to fix is the RSS feed link and then go over the config section one more time. All of the modules it turns out had issues and needed to be update. But mod_xgallery_collection and mod_xgallery_fce is now working correctly.

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XGallery for Joomla 2.5

Date: 06 May
Author: Optikool
Hits: 2723

XGallery for Joomla 2.5 has now reached beta and should be ready to be made available in the next week or two. There's been a lot of changes in this version. Categories are now created using com_category instead of being managed by XGallery. Site owners will now add categories to their menu just like any other component category so this mean the Mod XGallery Menu will go away.

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XGallery Professional 2.5 Update

Date: 26 Apr
Hits: 5817

XGallery Professional 2.5 is released and include the following updates...

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