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Waiting for the day to end

This has been a pretty busy week. I spent most of the week working on a new Account Login page for my company and in between that updating other changes from the producers. In my opinion this new Account Login page will be a lot easier to manage then the current one. I will give the producers complete control of the html so that they can modify texts and links on their own instead of having me do it. The only thing they won’t have access to is the JavaScript. Now I’m trying to finish up a new Asset form page. I told my boss it would be done in a couple days. But if I decide to work on it today I could probably finish it before I leave for the day. We will see. For now I’m spending my time writing this blog while going through some new House/Trance music for my next World of Warcraft video.

Somehow last night I managed to talk myself into creating a banner module for my JGallery component. I didn’t really create it from scratch. I just took the current Joomla mod_banners module and modified it so that it would only show banners that related to my JGallery component. I will need to do further tests to make sure it’s bug free. But so far it works pretty well. I decided to leverage off the com_banners component that comes with Joomla to store all the banner info, so I needed to modify my gallery component to accept another field for the banner category. Luckily I was able to put this change in and resubmit the component to the Joomla team before it was approved. This saved a lot of time because I didn’t have to create a banner component/module myself. Hopefully my JGallery component will have few issues and become popular.

So the next thing I’m thinking to add to JGallery is the ability to upload zipped folders of images and the ability to overlay a png watermark on the image. The zip feature is mainly so my wife will have an easier time getting new gallery collections on her website. I totally forgot to add the watermark feature before uploading JGallery to Joomla’s repository. I also want to think of a way to retrieve images from outside the web root. This would be nice for people that don’t want their original images downloaded. Since my gallery module generates a new version of the image on the fly this could help Artists keep the originals in a safe place.

Once I finish those three things, I’m thinking to continue work on my JMovie component. It is in a functioning state but nowhere near ready to be published. I’m not sure what kind of new features I want to add but I’ll most likely wait until it’s in Beta then I can think about that. One option I’m toying with is if I want to have the ability to have multiple version of the same video for standard and high def viewing. Flowplayer already supports this but not every type of video is support by flow player. But anybody loading flv files would be able to take advantage of that feature.  And of course I want to have the ability to embed my videos or have them open in a shadowbox lightbox popup. But now that my gallery component is for the most part finished, the movie component should go pretty smoothly...