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AngularJS project

So a week and 1/2 later I finished my project on the sales app using AngularJS. This frame work helped to simplify development and cut out a lot of code I would of had to write myself.

The project manager said he was already happy with the first version I gave him on Monday, bugs and all. Yesterday I gave him basically a functioning app. I hope he changes the look of the current app this will replace quickly since the current look doesn't look nice at all. My boss chimed in saying the previous team I was helping a couple weeks ago needs me again. I'm not looking forward to that after seeing how they easily broke the code I had already written and one of the UI (User Interface) designs I had created mysteriously disappeared. But I know my previous boss, the one that originally hired me, doesn't want the offshore team to handle the UI look and feel... and gave me a long passionate explanation why which came down to a lack of attention to detail and accepting the basics as good enough. It will be interested to see where they are in the development process now, but I hope I will only be tasked with finishing the UI so I can move on to the next team, which will be the Mobile Apps team I was helping a couple months ago. However if I do have to write their JavaScript, maybe to get back at those developers I will suggest to my old boss that we switch to AngularJS and show her examples to get her buy in, which will in turn make those developers have to start over and convert their jQuery code to AngularJS code. They will be hella mad but if I show her what I just created, it will blow her mind. Luckily before I go back and help them, there's another team that would like 2 to 3 days of my time to help fix some issues they are running into. So I have some breathing room...