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XMovie has made it to Beta and I submitted it to the JED team last week. I'm waiting to hear back from them before I can take it out of Beta. I'll need to revisit this component again once I finish updating XGallery. The language files need to be updated as well as some other updates I have in mind.

XGallery is currently in the early beta phase. I ran into some confusing issues, that require additional server checks and error messages displayed when trying to perform some functions like using com media to browse the thumbnails you just uploaded to a collection. And there are some additional options that need to be added. If people decide to keep their images external, it's gonna require a plugin that they can purchase. This plugin is only needed if you want to use the Joomla media viewer to upload thumbnails and select default thumbnail for each collection. There is a textfield available where you will be able to enter in the path to the thumbnail manually. Category thumbnails are stored in a seperate location based on media gallery path and category thumbnail path in XGallery configuration.

The modules and plugins for XGallery has not been updated yet but they are strait forward and should go quickly. Like XMovie's Menu module, XGallery's Menu module will go away. Since XGallery categories will be managed in the categories component, you can just build your menu in Joomla's menu system. This results in less coding to manage myself and a more familar way to add XGallery categories and collections to the menu. I should have XGallery out in a month.

I'm also updating Mae's website to Joomla 2.5 and creating a new theme for her site. So far it's going pretty well. I think this will be a pretty sweet site once it's finished. I'm planning to create a Facebook friends module as well as a Facebook login module so she can manage her users there through either her friends list or a group list. I'm looking forward to seeing how this site functions once it's done.